OUR OFFICE IS OPEN - Sugar Grove Township is taking proactive steps to prepare for and respond to COVID-19 and remains in open communication with its partners at Kane County and the State of Illinois. Township staff continues to further develop a response to keep residents, staff and visitors to the Township building healthy, safe and informed.

We have taken precautions so that the Township can carry on daily business throughout the entire pandemic, to all residents. Please note face coverings are required to enter the Township building and social distancing must be maintained.

For more information about safety relating to  the COVID-19 virus, please visit www.KaneHealth.com or call 800-889-3931.



The Sugar Grove Township Assessment Office is continuously updating Property Record Cards.  You may receive a knock on your door from our Assessor and or Field Deputy to update pictures and property information of all Township properties.  This does not necessarily mean that your assessment will be increased.  Per Statute (35 ILCS 200/9-155) every property should be looked at every four years. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Sugar Grove Assessment Office at 630-466-5255.



The 2021 equalized assessments are complete and can be viewed on our web site.  The assessed values listed on this site have been equalized by the Kane County Supervisor of Assessments with a factor of 1.0218 for Sugar GroveTownship. (35 ILCS 200/9-205).

Assessments are determined by a property's value as of January1, 2021.  The market "today" is not reflected until the 2022 assessment year.  Therefore, any sales or appraisals dated after January 1, 2021 cannot be considered until the 2022 assessment year.  Illinois State Statute (35 ILCS 200/1-55) mandates the use of sales studies for the three most recent years preceding the assessment year to obtain the fair cash value for a current assessment year.  The 2021 assessment considers sales from 2020, 2019 and 2018.

Please be advised that as a taxpayer in Sugar Grove Township it is NOT necessary to hire legal counsel or any type of tax appeal firm representative when seeking an assessment reduction.

If you would like your property assessment reviewed please contact our office prior to filing a formal assessment appeal to the Kane County Board of Review.  Please submit three comparable properties located in the same neighborhood either based on equity or recent sales (Request for Assessment Review form available HERE). If your concern is based on recent sales please include three comparable properties that have sold within the last three years, this excludes a current year's sale. ***Please note: include sales other than "short sales" or "foreclosures".  The comparable properties must be located in the same neighborhood, same style and the building square footage as close to 200 square feet more or less than your home.  Other items that may affect value are location, amenities,
construction quality and condition.  There could be more factors that affect a property's value and will be determined as a property is individually analyzed.

Upon completion of your assessment review and an agreement of value has not been reached you may file a formal appeal with the Kane County Supervisor of Assessments.  The web address is www.kanecountyassessments.org.  There you'll find instructions and forms for property assessment appeals.

 *** If your goal is to decrease your tax burden, having your assessment reviewed and lowered is only a small part of the process.  Decreasing your taxes is achieved by decreasing the taxing
  To do this, contact the taxing districts located on the front of your tax bill.  ***

 ***Helpful Hints***

Kaneland Community School District 302 630.365.5111

Where Does My Money go?  https://kanecountyassessments.org/Pages/Ask-Mark.aspx

 ***Important Dates***

July 13, 2021 The Kane County Supervisor of Assessments Notice of Revised Assessment mailed

July 15, 2021 Equalized assessed values published in the Aurora Beacon newspaper.

August 13, 2021 Last day to submit comparable information to assessor's office for review before county deadline 

We encourage you to call our office to discuss your assessment prior to filing an appeal.

August 16, 2021 Deadline to file a formal appeal to The Kane County Board of Review for the 2021 assessment year.

 ***Please Note***

Not every taxpayer will receive a notice.  Only those assessments changed by your Assessor will receive a notice.  Assessments only changed by the county equalization factor will NOT receive a notice. 

Please call our office if you have any questions.  My staff and/or I will be glad to discuss them with you.  You may reach us at 630.466.5255 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Thank you,

Curt John Karas,

Sugar Grove Township Assessor

If you need further assistance that cannot be found this website, please contact the office of the Assessor directly at 630-466-5255 or email at assessor@sugargrovetownship.com.

The Assessor is responsible for assessing property at one-third of fair cash value with the exception of farmland, railroad or coal properties which are properties valued by the State of Illinois Department of Revenue. It is always encouraged and highly recommended to discuss your property assessment first and foremost with your local Assessor before ever filing with the Board of Review.

The Assessor is the only elected official with exception to your States’ Attorney that requires a formal education and 2-yr certification along with yearly continuing education and is working directly for you.

Assessor's Office

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