If you need further assistance that cannot be found this website, please contact the  office of Assessor directly at 630-466-5255 or email at assessor@sugargrovetownship.com.

The Assessor is responsible for assessing property at one-third of fair cash value with the exception of farmland, railroad or coal properties which are properties valued by the State of Illinois Department of Revenue. It is always encouraged and highly recommended to discuss your property assessment first and foremost with your local Assessor before ever filing with the Board of Review. The Assessor is the only elected official with exception to your States’ Attorney that requires a formal education and 2-yr certification along with yearly continuing education and is working directly for you.

If you would like more information regarding your Tax Bill, please visit the Kane County Property and Tax Information page.  If you have questions regarding your Assessment, you can view  Questions about your Assessment.

Estimating the Real Estate Tax on a Property Before You Buy

Home buyers need to plan ahead for property taxes and are well-advised to research the property before they make an offer to purchase a home.  Buyers can contact the local assessor's office or view the township and county websites to acquire information about the property.  By state law, the Assessor only sets the assessed valuation of the property based on a three-year weighted average of sales; they do not determine the tax bill.   

Property taxes are called ad valorem ("according to value") taxes, and are calculated annually based on the assessed value of the property. Generally, when a home is sold, the assessed value is reviewed -- the assessor considers the sales price to be a reflection of the fair market value (definition) of the homes in the surrounding area.

 It's relatively easy to figure out how much to budget for this expense.  The first step is to collect the following information: 

  • Recent assessed value or sales price of the home
  • Value of comparable homes in the area
  • Improvements that add value to the home
  • Exemptions for which the property qualifies for
  • Applicable property tax rate set by the taxing authority

To "estimate" the "approximate" property tax obligation on a home:

1. Multiply the purchase price by .3333  (If sold as an "Arms Length Transaction")                                             The assessed value of the property is 33-1/3% of its fair cash value                                                               (i.e. a $100,000 purchase price x .3333 = $33,330 assessed value)

2. Deduct any exemptions for which the home or homeowner qualifies from the assessed value.               The most common exemption in Kane County is the Homestead Exemption of $6,000                              (This exemption is applied to owner occupied homes only)                                                                              ($33,330 - $6,000 = $27,330 net taxable value)                                                                                                 For a complete list of Kane County exemptions and details on how to apply click HERE

3. Multiply the net taxable value by the current tax rate to find the most likely amount to expect                       on the tax bill                                                                                                                                                                 ($27,330 x 10.277437%* = $2,809 estimated tax amount)                                                                                 Multiple exemptions and varying tax rates will affect the calculation outcome.                                                       (* Median tax rate in Sugar Grove Township)

Homeowners may feel unfairly targeted by this particular tax burden however they are necessary to run and operate local government and municipalities. Property taxes pay for schools, libraries, fire protection, police, streets and many other public benefits.  For more information on "Where Does My Money Go" check out the Frequently Asked Questions link on the county's website.

Buyer Beware: Do NOT rely on the current taxes on a house to set your budget.  Know what your real estate taxes could be before you purchase a home.

 Taxpayers can make a payment by:

  • Mailing a check with coupon to the Treasurer's Office, in the envelope provided.
  • Making payment at any one of the designated banks within Kane County on or before the due date, please remember to bring a payment coupon.
  • Making payment with check, cash or credit card during business hours in the Treasurer's Office - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday except holidays. Rickert reminds residents to bring a payment coupon and note that there is a convenience fee for credit card use.
  • Dropping a check with coupon in the property tax drop box, which is available 24 hours a day. The drop box is located behind Building A at the Kane County Government Center, 719 S. Batavia Ave., Geneva. Check and coupon must be in an envelope.
  • Paying by credit card or e-check over the Internet. Again, residents should note there are convenience fees for both of these services. Additional information is available on the Treasurer's Office website KaneCountyTreasurer.org.

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